Is Your Painting Contractor Licensed in Coral Springs?

If not, it could cost you big time if anything goes wrong… and things can and do go wrong. Hiring a painting contractor in Coral Springs can be a risky process. Please be sure your painting contractor is licensed and insured. Also beware that many painting contractors will show you their occupational license, and an occupational license is not a license to paint. Merely, it is a license to be in business only and the agencies that govern home service providers, such as contractors that will have access to your home, the licensing process is very strict and very expensive. If a painting contractor has gone thru all of the many hours of schooling and taken many tests and paid lots of money for the privilege of being trusted to come into your home and provide a service, then those particular painting contractors are your best choice.

ARC Painting Coral Springs is one such house painting contractor.

Here is our license number, look us up to verify a stellar reputation for quality and service: 
Broward County Painting License Number: 11-PU-14767-X